Fall 2015 Fashion Trends (Part 1)

New York Fashion Week is upon us and we’re all anxiously awaiting some of the cutting edge of bridal fashion. Some designers are already giving us a few cues, but we’re anticipating the following themes for fall 2015:

Tactically Show Some Skin

Summer’s gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the heat going – and if you live in a part of the world that cranks up the heater to fight the cold season, you’ll want to take some inspiration. To avoid getting uncomfortably hot walking down the aisle and dancing the night away, here are the latest solutions straight from the runway!

Cut Outs

Not for the faint of heart, but it adds a second dimension to your wedding look. It’s the ultimate contrast between your beautiful body and your accentuating dress.

Vera Wang

Badgley Mischka


Crop Tops

A concept not often seen in the bridal world, it’s now completely acceptable practice to show your midriff down the aisle. If you want to work with this style while taking a more conservative approach, look for a high-top skirt to hide your abdomen and waist region.

Reem Acra

Low V-Neck Neckline

This is definitely a look that can go from classy to sassy, and even to trashy (so be careful – we suggest leaving something to be desired). The plunging neckline, originating from the Middle East, actually has a general purpose of elongating aspects of your upper body. Use it as a tool in your arsenal.

Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav

Sheer Skirts

Sheer skirts give a hint of your silhouette and depending on the number of layers, can display your body right through the dress. You can either use the embroidery to to hide your private parts or proudly display your physique – there’s even a slew of jewelry specifically designed to display under sheer clothing. YOLO!

Paolo Sebastian

Bundle Up

Turtlenecks and Outerwear

A great way to accessorize a winter wonderland or holiday theme is to work with characteristics of the season. Turtlenecks, fluff, and coats add the perfect touch to your snow-white look.

Tony Ward

Tony Ward

Georges Hobeika Bridal 2015

Georges Hobeika









Married Women Renting-Out Their Wedding Dress with Get The Gown

You bought the dress that you coveted for your wedding day, you left your guests breathless as you wore it down the aisle, and you preserved it for the beautiful memories. Only now, this momentum is encased in a five-foot preservation box with a plastic viewing window that’s taking up like the whole closet most of your closet space. What are you planning to do with it? Common initial thoughts include:

  • Letting it continue to take up closet space – you’ll let your clothes hang on the coat hanger.

wedding dresses take up too much closet space

  • Cut up your expensive wedding dress into a christening gown.

Christening Gown Example

  • Saving it for your anticipated daughter to wear down the aisle thirty years from now.

  • Donate it to a charity

  • Try to sell it to recoup the money (because the wedding gown was expensive).

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 16.49.14

To each their own of course. However, what if you could still own your dress, not have to pull out the box before sifting through your wardrobe, loan your dress out in the spirit of a good cause, AND recoup your money – and then some? Then renting your wedding dress out is your key to solving your post-wedding wedding gown conundrums. Renting out your wedding dress provides the satisfaction of not only adding back some space to your home, but guaranteeing that your dress is used for a valuable cause: helping other brides rent their dream wedding dress and helping you recoup the cost of your precious gown.

Get The Gown offers women the ability to rent out their designer wedding dresses straight from our website.  Soon, submitting your wedding dress will be a simple form on our website. Until then, once you contact us, we’ll send the form to fill out about your wedding dress. When it’s accepted to be rentable through our website, we’ll have your dress shipped to one of our two locations (Miami, Florida, or Houston, Texas) and add it to our rentable collection. When your dress is rented, you get a percentage of the revenue -and the satisfaction that you’re helping brides everywhere.

Miami Beach Ocean Drive

Get Married in Miami Beach, we can help you out.

Whether you are a local or here on vacation, you probably know of the busy and iconic Lincoln Road.  Full of life, Lincoln Road is lined with shopping, restaurants and endless picturesque spots that provide excellent opportunities for any kind of photo shoot your heart is set on. The courthouse, where many couples choose to exchange vows every year, is also located on this street and, conveniently, so is our office.

Whether you plan your wedding for months or decide in a spurt of the moment that you are ready to tie the knot, our Miami Beach location provides the perfect opportunity for an all-in-one experience.

Just picture this; you wake up on a beautiful sunny day, do your hair and make-up, head over to Lincoln Rd and make a pit stop at our office. Here we will help you step in to the gown you’ve always dreamed of and you’re off to get married! Lincoln Road will be your aisle and as you walk down the street, heads will turn, people will cheer, and you’ll get more than one congratulations and well wishes from bystanders who will, without a doubt, love to see a happy couple on their way to get married. Once you have exchanged vows walk back through the street and beach to capture your wedding photos at all the iconic buildings and spots like the Colony Theater, Lincoln-Drexel Building, and maybe even the 1111 Lincoln Rd Building. Then simply come back to our office, return the dress and forget about any headaches like having it cleaned, preserved, stored, etc. because we will take care of all of it for you and you will walk away with the best favor a wedding could give you, your happily ever after.

When Mainstream Meets Bridal Fashion

Most of the time, Bridal Fashion has its very own trends, or at least those somewhat exclusive to formal wear at the time. It is a rare occasion that we see mainstream trends make it on the bridal runway, especially those that are more casual. This year we saw a couple of designers perfectly mesh mainstream trends and the elegance of bridal wear. Below we recap a couple of those looks that we guarantee many brides will absolutely fall in love with.

The Crop Top

A trend heavily adopted in mainstream has suddenly found it’s way to the runway in the most elegant and edgy way. Mostly accompanied by high-waisted skirts, crop tops varied from lace to silk and as ornate and simple as desired. Crop tops have been mostly seen in beachy or bohemian outfits that capture the relaxed and carefree essence of summer, which is why their adoption into bridal wear is so surprising. Designers like Theia, Vera Wang, and Houghton Bride managed to adapt them into pieces that will make brides look and feel like they deserve on their wedding day.

5533de3ba31e3$!400x 553175ac4cd5d$!400x slide_419314_5356484_compressed


Having been around for a couple of years and moving from tops to bottoms, the hi-low trend has finally made it on to bridal wear.  It seems most designers, like Ines Di Santo and  Naeem Kahn, applied the trend to skirts and in different levels, adding drama to the look and making it perfect for brides to show off those legs they’ve been working on so hard. While many of these dresses wear accompanied by long, dramatic trains (another popular upcoming trend), there were a few that had a simple back, which should make these dresses very comfortable and easy to walk and dance in.

55367f3d3391d$!400xAngel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2016Naeem-Khan-Spring-2016-satin-knee-length-wedding-dress-with-asymmetrical-skirt

Cut Outs

Slightly similar to crop tops, cut outs in dresses expose a small part of the torso, but the dress remains connected as one. The difference with this trend is the creativity in the positioning of the cut outs that designers play with to ensure a look that goes perfectly with brides. Varying in shapes and sizes, these range from elegant to edgy and will help many brides accomplish the look they are going for.

Angel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2016 553175ae0ccae$!400x 553175ad1b2d3$!400x


While pants have been around forever and there is usually a couple of them in bridal runways, it was the quantity of them this year that made us notice and completely fall in love with these ensembles.  From two-piece suits to jumpsuits, there is something for every bride regardless of her style. We saw looks perfect for the bohemian or sleek bride, as well as the trendsetter from designers like Angel Sanchez, Houghton Bride, and Pamella Roland among others.

55301de4988d8$!400x  Angel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2016 slide_419314_5356330_compressed

Working risky trend into formal wear such as bridal can be very difficult, but if done properly it has the ability to capture a bride’s true style and personality. If you are not the traditional bride or if you’re looking for something a bit different to wow your guests in, these four trends have what you need.


3 Reasons You Should Get a Reception Dress

Many brides are leery about missing an opportunity to wear their huge wedding gown on the only night you have the excuse to do it. That’s technically true; very few people have the chance to dress so nice on the regular, but sometimes we get lost while admiring the sparkle and tulle and forget that these are not the most practical pieces. Few wedding dresses are made with comfort as the #1 priority. The truth is these gowns are made to look fantastic and to catch the eye of your guests no matter where you are in the room, which in many cases does not translate into practicality.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be uncomfortable or not able to move very easily. This is actually one of the most busy nights you’ll have as you move around from photos, to ceremony, to cocktail hour, and around your reception to greet your guests. And of course, all the dancing that will likely take place. In short, here are the 3 top reasons why we reception dresses are the way to go.

1- Comfort: Some ballgowns are actually very difficult to move around in. They are big and you have to continuously pick them up or squish them in to get through small spaces like getting in the car or walking in between tables. Aside from ballgowns, heavily beaded gowns can get very heavy and tiring. If these are strapless then there is the constant pulling up your dress since the weight of a heavy beading can pull it down even if it is properly fitted. This is your wedding, you don’t have time to not be fighting your dress into submission all night.


2- Versatility: Even though some people don’t realize it, the fact is that weddings are meticulously planned for a reason. Your dress has to go with your ceremony and reception venue, it has to be appropriate for the time of the wedding, and everything has to pull together for your vision. What if you want a fancy ceremony but would like a more laid back reception? Or if the ceremony takes place during day time but it’ll be dark by the time your reception starts? By having two gowns you really are allowing yourself the opportunity for your look to fit each part of your wedding without having to compromise.

LuvRox Photography

3 Double the Fun: There are many of us who actually fall in love with more than one dress and usually these are two completely different styles. By having a reception dress you don’t have to face the hard task of picking only one.

Contrary to what most people think, reception dresses don’t always have to be short, they are just meant to be more practical and comfortable. Rather use a long dress all night? No problem! You can wear that gorgeous ballgown or that sexy fitted mermaid that is very hard to walk in but makes you look super hot, then change into a light airy A-line that will make it easier to walk around greeting your guests or dancing all night. Of course you can also go the opposite route and wear the short dress that you fell for but thought was not regal enough for your ceremony. Not everyone wants or needs a reception dress, but for those in doubt, we can assure you we’ve never heard a bride regret having one.

Dressing Up Your Dress: How Accessories Can Complete Your Look.

In the last few years, we have witnessed the rise in the popularity of bridal accessories. I’m not talking about your veil, hairpieces, and garter. These are more classic and traditional components of a bride’s outfit. What we are referring to are the accessories that are in addition to, and complement, the dress rather than a component of it. Without these accessories, dresses are already a complete ensemble and they look great on their own. However, these accessories give brides a whole new way to customize their wedding dresses and make them one of a kind.

We are talking about sashes, statement necklaces, etc. These accessories are perfect for the bride who has found the gown, but feels like there is just something missing. Perhaps she wanted more bling. Maybe she loves how she looks and feels in the dress, but thinks it’s a bit too simple. Below, we break down two of our accessories and how they can enhance your wedding dress.

BeltsThese first began peeking into the bridal world in the form of sashes, mostly in different colors to add a little pop to the dress. Designers gradually began embellishing them and we now have a wide array of options. Of course, we still have simple satin colored sashes, but mostly these evolved into heavily beaded pieces that add sparkle to any gown, or into large structured bows that look very sophisticated. Beyond adding sparkle or color, belts can give a simple and straightforward dress a little bit oomph! that many brides crave. Even better, these belts accentuate the waist, helping you look lean and slim as you walk down the aisle.



Statement Necklaces: Jewelry, often necklaces, have always been a part of any bride’s outfits, but these are a whole new ballgame. Statement necklaces first became popular in ready-to-wear fashion a few years ago and have since trickled all the way up to Bridal Fashion. Strapless dresses are by far the most popular style when it comes to bridal gowns, which is actually the perfect opportunity to rock a statement necklace. With bare shoulders and no collar to constrict them, these necklaces can dress up even the most simple gowns, and if paired properly they can be fun, sophisticated, and elegant. This is not to say they can only be worn with strapless gowns since they are also compatible with different necklines and collars. It’s really all about the shape and size of the necklae.


With an ever growing desire to be different and stand out, these accessories are the perfect component to the modern bride’s  wedding day look.

Bridal Fashion Week 1 Recap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Bridal Fashion Week is here and we are obsessively checking our instagram, facebook, twitter, and any website that provides the opportunity to see what is in store for Spring 2016. Our favorite designers have not disappointed and we cannot wait to see these in some of you. Week 1 is over and we have the best of it here for you to day dream right along our side.

Romona Keveza Couture

One of our favorite designer’s did not disappoint. The gown’s for the Spring 2016 collection are so romantic and ethereal that they make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale. Picking a favorite out of this collection is impossible. We love the lace, the long trains, the intricate detail, and even the color floral patterned ballgowns.

5530102fee76a$!600x  55301032a0da8$!400x 5530102fef160$!400x    553010312a7af$!400x

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez’s eclectic collection was out of this world. These gowns (and pant suits!!) ranged from modern to traditional, elaborate to simple and everything in between. The collection featured the perfect collision of mainstream and bridal fashion, perfect for that bride who wants to be edgy while still looking like a million bucks. We really wish we could pick a favorite, but the truth is we simply can’t, so instead we’ll just show you a couple that should give you an idea of the wide range of styles featured in this collection.

Angel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2016 angel-sanchez-bs16-09 Angel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2016  Angel Sanchez Bridal Spring 2016


Vera Wang

Along with the black details that have now become part of her signature look, Vera Wang’s lingerie inspired collection also featured sheerness as a theme. The mostly slim silhouette collection is versatile and could easily fit a wedding taking place anywhere.

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2016 Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2016

Monique Lhuillier

As sweet and romantic as ever, Monique Luillier’s collection did not disappoint. The tulle gowns adorned with crystals sparkled perfectly as they made their way into the room. We can only imagine how many tears these gorgeous gowns will bring as real brides walk down the aisle in them.

55350518e35a6$!400x 5535051951220$!400x

Badgley Mischka

Varying in silhouette, all the collection’s dresses featured the same soft and romantic feeling. Full of beaded details and beautifully draped tulle, all of these dresses had one component to make them stand out from the crown. Our favorite has to be this form fitting dress with a train extending from the shoulders rather than the waist.



Honor for Stone Fox Bridal impressed everyone with a collection of dresses guaranteed to fit every bride out there. From tea length to mermaid gowns and two piece ensembles, Honor’s pieces exude an air of sophistication like no other. Our favorite, without a doubt, was the sweetheart neckline mermaid gown with detachable bow. Probably because it reminds us of our very own sash.


Oscar De La Renta

Peter Copping’s vision to design a collection that would fit all kinds of weddings translated perfectly into the runway. By far one of the best collections of the week, the De La Renta house had all styles, silhouettes and lengths present, with the one common denominator being that they are all beautiful.


With the wonderful display of gowns we saw in the first week, we can not wait to see what else there is in store. Even more, we cannot wait until some of these make it to us, so they can be with you on your wedding day.

Get The Gown Wedding Dress Additions

Our new inventory additions are slowly arriving at our boutiques. Here are two dresses, a wedding and reception dress, now available to rent our online shop or by visiting our boutiques:

The Dolce & Gabbana look #16 is super comfortable blend of linen and cotton. The embroidery detail throughout the dress adds to the chic elegance of this piece. Brides-to-be seeking a more casual or sophisticate beach wedding alternative to the glitzy ballgown: look no further.

This dress would also make for a fantastic light-weight reception dress.

Dolce & Gabban Look16 Collage

Dolce & Gabban Look16


The Peter Langner Venturi wedding gown is a simple, modern work of art. The silk gazaar creates a well-structured strapless a-line hourglass, with criss-cross accents at the waistline to provide for a perfect figure. The inverse pleats enhance the sought-after sweetheart neckline. Paired with our Peter Langner Saharine veil, you’re going to make a bold statement when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

Peter Langner Venturi Collage

Peter Langner Venturi



Get The Gown is the nation’s leading online destination for renting high-end designer bridal fashion. We feature an exclusive collection of wedding dresses and accessories with rentals up to 90% off retail.

Secret’s Out: Retail Is Out And Renting Is In

We’ve been very busy helping brides’ dreams come true, catering to their particular taste for the perfect designer wedding dress with a twist of innovative fashion. Our work is making headlines across America, including The New York Times, as a go-to source for high-end wedding gowns.


Check out the video below for the latest story of Get The Gown as featured on KPRC News, including an interview with the founder, Jessica Coane (formerly known as Jessica Berriman):

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player



Get The Gown is the nation’s leading online destination for renting high-end designer bridal fashion. We feature an exclusive collection of wedding dresses and accessories with rentals up to 90% off retail.





All White Affair: Wedding Reception Dresses Used for White Parties

287842_orig white-party-ideas-birthday

It’s that time of year ladies; the sweet holiday time when you rush to find that certain dress for a certain theme. Do you have a ‘white party’ coming up, where everyone dresses in white? We all know that shopping during these times is a near nightmare. Forget the pushing crowds and insane check out lines! The answer is online shopping. Make that online dress rental, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Get The Gown makes the whole process simple, whether you are searching for a party dress or a wedding dress. Try on what you like in the comfort of your home, the best part is it will be on your schedule not a store’s. Our site offers standard sized high-end designer wedding gowns and cocktail dresses that can be temporarily altered upon request. With an array of options perfect for a white party, you will know just where to Get The Gown year after year! We feature white reception dresses and cocktail dresses by Oscar De la Renta and others.


Rent your all white party dress with Get The Gown


Ines Di Santo Reception Gown Available to Rent | Get The Gown

Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.32.10

Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.33.14




Visit GTG at www.getthegown.com for your Bridal Fashion needs!

Get The Gown is the nation’s leading online destination for renting high-end designer bridal fashion. We feature an exclusive collection of wedding dresses and accessories with rentals up to 90% off retail.